DDoS Protection

480Gbps mitigation capacity and higher

Powerful DDoS protection

Powered by OVH and Path

OVH Game Mitigation

All Minecraft premium & all Virtual Servers use OVH's Game Mitigation which is specialized for game servers.

Path Anti-DDoS

Minecraft Extreme servers have DDoS protection provided by Path with Minecraft specific filtering.

Custom filtering

All our servers (exluding dedicated) have custom filtering set up to prevent application layer DDoS attacks.

Two-way mitigation

A filter for outbound and inbound traffic

OVH Game protected servers receive special two-way mitigation in which both incoming and outgoing traffic is filtered through the mitigation system. When a DDoS attack is detected on our infrastructure (which hosts the Virtual Servers & Game Servers) it is sent through a seperate internet uplink provided by OVH which implements DDoS filtering. This filtering makes sure most of the traffic coming from and to the server is legitimate.

In addition to the datacentre-level two-way filtering we set up and maintain our own custom two-way filtering rules at the server-level that both serve as a measure to prevent damage from early attacks and as a way to mitigate any traffic that may have slipped through the Game Mitigation.

An illustration, provided by OVH, explaining two way mitigation

Illustration provided by OVH.

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