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IceVM's Story

From an open source initiative to a hosting company

The story of IceVM starts long before IceVM even existed, in early 2019 when the domain name "heimsnet.eu" was registered for the first time. Starting as a open source development community, evolving into a freelance market eventually ending up as a hosting company Heimsnet was started on the principle of quality over all else at as low of a price that could be achieved. The company ran like this for approximately a year growing enormously, serving over 250 active paying clients with over 30 nodes and having deployed over 2,000 servers at it's peak. This, however, would all come to a close when the company was taken over by an undisclosed third party which would proceed to nearly lead the company into bankruptcy. Eventually after several transfers of ownership SparkedHost would acquire the company for an undisclosed amount. This is where the story of IceVM itself starts. The old management team of Heimsnet was frustrated with the direction the company was going and ended up reuniting with the old owners starting the story of IceVM.

IceVM was founded in early 2021 out of frustration at Heimsnet's fate with the sole goal of filling a certain gap in the market. That gap being DDoS protected Virtual Private Servers (VPS) that don't cost a fortune. Initially IceVM would offer only two services, those being VPS and Virtual Dedicated Servers, with a pricing of 1.75 US$ / GB of memory for the VPS'. This would, however, change a short time later when IceVM's product range was expanded to offer Minecraft servers, Dedicated servers & Web hosting - removing Virtual Dedicated Servers from the lineup.

The organization behind the management of the first iteration of Heimsnet & now IceVM has largely stayed the same only expanding to two persons with significant control since its inception and having served over 250+ customers & deployed over 2,000 servers in its time. This organization has gone by many names but will now be known as "Internet á Heimsvísu" or "Worldwide Internet Group" with the name being an homage to the Icelandic origins of the organization.

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